7 Tips To Decorate Your Home Mindfully

Aug 31, 2018 | Tips

There’s no place like home!

For some of us, home just becomes a space where we plonk ourselves after a long day of work.  It’s good to have a space where you can just be in the moment, at peace, and the best place for this is home.  Here are a few easy tips to decorate your home to make you feel more peaceful at home in your own space.

1. Comfort First

When buying furniture, try to opt for comfort before style.  We all love a chair that photographs well, you know, in case you need to post it on Instagram, but it’s pointless having a beautiful lounge that you can’t ever really enjoy, because the beautiful chair you bought is ridiculously uncomfortable.   Relaxing in your home is far more important than stressing yourself out about a possible wine stain on your stylish white couch, so try collecting furniture that age well.

2. Colour, colour, colour!

Although we love a pop of energetic colour, like a yellow couch or red and green cushions, it’s better to opt for more tranquil shades to restore calmness in the home, especially in the bedroom and bathrooms.  Try lighter shades of blue, gray, eggshell, sage, lavender, or even desaturated pinks.  Another tip is to use matte finishes instead of high gloss for walls, cupboards and other decor in these areas, which will also bring down the energy of the room.

3. Meditation Corner

You don’t have to be a hippy or a yogi to enjoy some quiet time and clear your mind of the day’s clutter.
If you don’t have space for a quiet corner, all you need is a cushion from your couch or bed.
If you struggle to switch off for a couple of minutes, there are tons of phone apps or online videos to help start the process.

4. Creative Corner

If you have a little space, corner, cupboard or nook you can convert into your own little passion pit, you’ll feel more comfortable and present in your own space.  Having your own corner can help with the awful feeling of your house belonging to everyone else except for you, especially when you’re living with a partner, roommates or you have kids that make a mess and clutter.  Try to use this space for inspiration, journalling, jotting down good thoughts and quotes and list your goals and things you are grateful for.

5. Plants!

Get your interior plant party on!  Plants have an amazing ability to make us happy and can filter some of the bad stuff out of the air.  It also puts a little bit of nature back into your space.  It also doesn’t purely have to be for decor purposes – you can start your own little windowsill herb garden, or add a few plants in less expected areas like a fern or ivy in the bathroom or shower.  If you’re not such a good plant parent, another trendy favourite is ofcourse the Delicious Monster – hard to kill, happy to live almost anywhere!

6. Air it Out with your Chosen Aroma

Sense of smell is powerful – it can have you reminiscent of happy memories and restore calmness in your home.  Find which scent calms you most and sets you at peace, and use this scent to be your home’s signature aroma.  Candles, diffusers, incense and room mists… so much to choose from.

7.  Ambiance

Where possible, let natural light fill your home – sunshine is the best vitamin!  But also try and create ambiance by lighting candles, using soft fairy lights, lamps, or even Himalayan salt lamps.  These create soft, warm, natural lighting instead of white, artificial lighting and can transform your space into a calming haven.  Also remember to treat yourself to a candle-lit bath every now and then.  Just add a glass of wine, and you’re set to forget the week’s tough tasks!